Aroeira Beach,

Where the sea
meets Perfection

From here the view
is unforgettable.

Dive in!

Be impressed by the landscapes that the sea can offer you.

We prefer
being here.


Our dishes of choice are represented in the quality and flavor of our delicious grilled fish.

For lovers of the art of snacking, we have the best of the best dishes to share, stick and dip the bread in.

Our entrees turn out to be a key point for a great beginning to a meal.

Great grilled, fresh fish, salt and a lemon slice accompanied with baked potato and a good salad or vegetables, it's already here: prepared for those waiting at the table. The variety is plenty, but all fish have the same quality: the unique flavor. Indulge in the best of the Sea right on your plate!
We have delicious seafood dishes and snacks to offer you. We have octopus salads, clams, "pica-pau" and the famous "choco frito" (fried cuttlefish). If you're already dreaming of the perfect after-beach, join us!
Nothing like sampling the wonderful flavors and aromas of a varied range of pates, pastas and cheese. Then indulge in our careful selection of meats, salads and pizzas. 

Group Dinners

Come and enjoy a special day in a unique space

Sit, rest and enjoy yourself: our team is here to provide you with an unforgettable memory in the company of those you love the most with the food that will make you eat and cry for more. Without forgetting, our vast menu of drinks and cocktails for the continuation of a rather fun night.
Aroreira Beach Bar

Umbrella Rentals

Because the beach is for resting, we thought of everything for you.

Our umbrellas and tents concessionaire allow you to enjoy the beautiful Portuguese coast, protected from the sun and the wind. Don't worry, you will not need to get up. Our team is prepared to bring you our selection of meals and drinks.
Aroeira Beach - Aluguer de Chapéus


Aroeira Beach - Team
Every person in this team is a fundamental part of our goal because when we work on what we love and we have a happy team, success is a pleasant consequence. Our team believes that communication and trust are fundamental to our day-to-day life. We all want to see you with a smile on your face when you leave.